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Rock Star… and Several Other Televisual Musings that’ll Blow Your Mind All Over Your Face

Rock Star – I owe Jane Krakowski an apology.

I’m as guilty of it as everyone else is, but when lumping praise on to the sublime 30 Rock, she is the one person criminally left out of the love fest almost regularly.

Poor old Jane Krakowski (actually knowing what Jenna’s like I’d better nor call her old) brings as much to this brilliant show as any of the ‘big 3’ and I really should have realised as much a lot sooner than mid-way through the fourth season.

It was only a couple of weeks back that I was heaping plaudits on to Tracy Morgan, but in all honesty he’s been somewhat quiet this season and Krakowski’s Jenna Maroney has routinely stolen the show each week.

How different would this show have been had they not recast the role of Jenna after the pilot? I’ve never really ‘got’ Rachel Dratch, but I’m sure the show still would have done well with her in the role rather than Krakowski; but be under no illusion that it would have been as successful as it actually has become.

Much like Portia De Rossi did in Arrested Development; Krakowski has built on the good faith from her role in Ally McBeal and firmly established herself now as so much more than “her off Ally McBeal”.

Jenna Maroney is deluded, self-centred and irrational, for a show that skewers every facet of the media she is the perfect character to lampoon the glut of TV, film and music stars that take diva behaviour to new extremes and refuse to grow old gracefully; and Krakowski does it with added relish.

Henceforth, when waxing lyrical about 30 Rock, Jane Krakowski will receive equal billing with Messrs Baldwin, Fey and Morgan, as she should have done all along.

Heterophobic? – I’m starting to lose what little patience I had for Glee.

In this week’s ‘Lady Gaga special’ as morons like Aled Jones of Radio 1 were calling it (they performed only 2 Gaga-face songs and also performed 2 KISS songs but you don’t hear people calling it a KISS special do you!?) supposed leading man and hero Finn was well a truly character assassinated.

The poor guy is still struggling to get over his Father’s death and obviously didn’t take kindly to the fact that his Mum had moved in with Kurt’s Dad without even consulting him. To make matters worse a teenage boy who is in the middle of an identity crisis was then expected to share a bedroom with his gay fellow glee clubber who he knows has a crush on him.

When it all boiled to a head and Finn branded some of Kurt’s redecoration (which I’m convinced he only did to get a rise out of Finn) “faggy” and Kurt’s dad (the brilliant Mike O’Malley) overheard, Finn was rightly chastised.

But wrongly, in my opinion, was how far they went in branding him a bigot and completely and utterly making the lead actor on the show look like a terrible, terrible person.

There was no such judgement passed on the manipulative Kurt who is the reason that Mrs Hudson and his Dad are together and has been plotting this all along to get close to Finn. Sure he was verbally abused by Finn but the way he then played the victim made me very uncomfortable with what this show is trying to achieve.

The Kurt and his Dad scenes have been pretty good all year and are amongst the best moments in a show that is scripted very sharply but has plotting, pacing and storytelling that seems as though a bunch of chimps with typewriters have written it.

Now though it seems more and more like no matter what Kurt does he is portrayed as the victim, and for a show that seemed as though it was tackling gay/straight issues between father and son and amongst peers very realistically it is a shame they’re going in the direction that they are. It’s like almost like they are scared to offend anybody by having a gay character be villainous in any kind of way.

The stuff with Kurt’s crush on Finn earlier in the season was kind of sweet, but as the season has worn on it has become more and more creepy and disturbing. If anyone is the victim here it is Finn, but by dropping one F-bomb Finn has been made into the villain while Kurt’s machinations have gone unpunished by the audience.

If this storyline raises awareness of how young people suffer at the hands of their classmates when they come out early on life and can make positive changes then I am all for it, but at the moment there’s just something about the character of Kurt that reminds of a bad B-movie thriller.

I’m by no means a Glee-hater but the biting show that surprisingly won me over earlier in the year is rapidly using up all the good will it had with me, if it wasn’t for Mark Salling as Puck and Heather Morris as Brittany who keep me laughing each week I may well have gone in a new direction by now – see what I did there!?

All Flash and no Substance – The FlashForward finale: what a load of balls.

FlashForward bowed out this week and the finale was the crescendo to a season of uninspiring characters, lazy storytelling, wasted opportunities and failing to live up to the uncontrollable hype that accompanied its debut.

My main gripe with the finale, which, it has to be said, was fun if dumb as hell, was the Bryce/Keiko bullshit getting revisited. Bryce and Nicole were two characters we had grown to know over the season and actually somewhat cared about (at least I did) and they made a good couple – more importantly, they were happy together.

Then Bryce finds out a woman he’s never met is nearby and throws it away with Nicole to chase after this woman who he may have nothing at all in common with – and we’re supposed to root for them?

I personally wanted to see them never find each other, or happiness.
I’d actually grown to like Bryce over the course of the season, he’d originally been a character, like Aaron, that I had no time for – seriously what was the point of Aaron!? Whilst I originally didn’t understand Bryce’s purpose, he had won me over as the season progressed, but all that hard work went out of the window in the finale with his actions.

I hope in the second black out he saw himself with another girl and when he awoke set off on another wild goose chase around the world never to find her, always wondering “what if” – I may be getting a little over excited there, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Bryce is a Grade A schmuck.

Elsewhere it was a similar story – I realised I just don’t care about any of these characters. Were we really supposed to give a shit if Benford survived? He has to be the least likable lead character in the history of TV.

FlashForward will no doubt go down in infamy as one of the biggest disappointments in the history of television, which is a crying shame because it could have been so much.

Talentless - How shit is Britain’s Got Talent?

Last year I, possibly wrongly, remember it being quite good but from what I’ve seen so far this time around it seems as though they put through every freak and weirdo that auditioned.

Already through to the final are a dancing dog (I shit you not), a tuneless boy band of teens who should probably be on a corner knifing grannies somewhere and a mediocre at best impressionist (his Harry Hill was good, but I can do a better Alan Carr and why is it everyone does that voice for a Simon Cowell impression when he sounds nothing like that!?)

Speaking of old toilet brush head, I swear to God if I hear him say “That being said” to sneak in a compliment after he’s just ripped the contestant apart one more time I’m going to put my fist through my TV.

Darth Bauer – I’ve been somewhat outspoken on 24’s final season and I’m sorry, but sentimentality aside it has been a far cry from some of the great seasons of years gone by.

Even Jack’s downward spiral into blood lusting after revenge has failed to really bring this final season up to a par with earlier efforts, but in this week’s pre-finale hour we saw something that might not save the season but will definitely go down as one of the show’s all time coolest moments with the introduction of Darth Bauer.

Yes, Jack donned a suit of body armour, complete with Vader-esque helmet and attacked Charles Logan’s secret service escort. All that was missing was The Imperial March playing in the back ground.
Watching Logan bug out with nowhere to go was brilliant as no one does squirming better than Gregory Itzin, but seeing Bauer in that emotionless get up really was a powerful image of how far gone Jack has seemingly become.

24 Day 8 Death Counter

Hour 22

x2 Novakovich’s bodyguards – shot and killed by Jack Bauer (JBK x2)

x4 Novakovich’s bodyguards – shot (assumed) and killed by Jack Bauer (JBK x4)

Mikhail Novakovich – impaled on what looked like a fire poker by, yep, you guess it – Jack Bauer (JBK)

Episode Death Total = 7

Cumulative Season Death Total = 100

(Ongoing) Jack Bauer Kills (JBK) Total = 38


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