Thursday, 7 January 2010

Channel 5 Are Still Dicks

First of all: Happy New Year everyone.

Second: Channel 5 are still dicks.

Last year I wrote a rather angry instalment of TV or not TV lamenting Five or Channel 5 as they will always be known for their criminal treatment of great shows like 30 Rock and Californication, without a doubt two of the best shows on TV at the moment.

Fast forward almost twelve months and the former smut peddlers are at it again.

At first when Five secured the UK rights to the brilliant Breaking Bad I was filled with joy and although I have to commend them for airing this great show, their treatment of the second season over the Festive period has been disgraceful.

It was announced when Five acquired the Bryan Cranston starring comedy-drama that they would air the first season and then the extended second season back to back.

Now although season 1 went out in somewhat of a graveyard slot it still went out once a week and could be digitally recorded weekly and watched at leisure by those of us with jobs and lives.

Yet for some inane reason, they seemingly felt the need to purge their archives of season 2 and put all thirteen episodes out night after night over Christmas at ridiculous times of the night.

Why would you acquire one of the freshest, critically acclaimed shows on TV and then not promote it anyway and bury it in your schedules?

Sure, I haven’t missed an episode and am now slowly working my way through the remainder of season 2 but that’s not the point.

Too often UK channels treat the best American shows with nothing but what can only be described as utter contempt, while complete drivel made in this country populates the prime time schedules.

I know the US schedules aren’t exactly filled with our best output but to be honest that’s because our best output is, for the most part, undiluted shit. Yet our Trans-Atlantic brethren have consistently been creating some of the best TV the world has ever seen.

Five’s treatment of Breaking Bad is by no means an isolated incident yet it was the proverbial straw that broke the Camel’s back for me. It is high time that UK TV networks stopped this disgusting treatment of the best US shows and just admitted that America is superior to us in every which way when it comes to television.

Other Musings:

- The (supposedly) final series of Celebrity Big Brother began this week and I've been watching in patches, partly due to the fact I feel I should cover it here and partly out of bemused curiosity.

The one person I've really taken a shine to is Stephen Baldwin who has proved himself to be funny, intelligent and caring and his odds to win have shortened up drastically from when the book opened. My only worry for the baby Baldwin brother is that the editing is going to paint him as some sort of bible-bashing preacher. Don't get me wrong, religion is quite clearly this guy's life but I feel there is a lot more to him than that... But this being Big Brother everyone needs a label and I guess Stephen's is ‘religious nut’.

If he gets a fair crack of the whip from the producers then I think he could do very well, but as I said this being Big Brother and judging by what I saw of last night's show the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Elsewhere it is the usual bunch of has-beens, wannabes and those stinking of utter desperation. Vinnie Jones was the one person I was curious to see on the show but he looks like he really doesn't want to be there. No Pamela Anderson. No MC Hammer, not even a Tim Westwood, the line-up as bizarre as it is, has been somewhat of a let down.

My early picks to win: Sisqo or Basshunter. I know Vinnie Jones is favourite and will probably walk it, if he doesn't walk out first that is, but I'm looking for a bit of value here and we all remember what happened to last year's odds on favourite to win, Verne Troyer don't we?


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