Thursday, 12 November 2009

TV Highlights of the Week that Was 5th - 12th November 2009

Much like Arsenal, TV is pretty good right now; so here is a selection of highlights from the TV week that was 5th – 12th November 2009:

- Jon Stewart’s terrifyingly accurate Glenn Beck impersonation on Thursday 5th November’s ‘Daily Show’.

Using Beck’s rather unfortunate haemorrhoid surgery as a basis for mercilessly spoofing Beck’s own brand of propaganda and conspiracy theorism was equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

(check it out in this package – it’s near the end unfortunately, but there is some funny Zach Galifianakis stuff before)

- Blander than bland Lucie getting voted off ‘X Factor’. Yes, the twins are shit and yes, Simon Cowell is one of the most manipulative men in the World but when people react like this what do you expect him to do!?

As long as people continue to buy into the faux-drama of ‘X Factor’ and succumb to Cowell’s machinations he’s going to continue to pull the public’s strings like some sort of soulless puppet master.

The truth is that Cowell was right – Lucie was never going to win, in fact there are at least three acts still in the competition that bore the snot out of me week after week – Joe, Lloyd and Stacey. At least the twins are entertaining and to all those people who are outraged at Lucie’s exit because this is a “singing competition” what fucking planet are you on?

‘X Factor’ has never, and will never be a singing competition just like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ isn’t a dancing competition they are both popularity contests and in ‘X Factor’s case – a carefully orchestrated master manipulation of the public and their utter incapability of filtering bullshit.

And can I just say, to end my weekly ‘X Factor’ rant, that I was happy to see the back of Lucie, mainly for singing a song from ‘Camp Rock’ but to all those of you who have complained be it to OFCOM or those fine purveyors of news The Sun you are playing right into the hands of the man you all claim to hate and if you can’t see that then my faith in the intelligence of the general public in this country is at an all time low.

- Jon ‘Dino Ortolani’ Seda’s waking up mid-autopsy on ‘House’.
I saw this coming a mile away but it was still a great scene – mainly for Foreman’s brilliant reaction.

The reuniting of the old diagnostic team has been a nice change of pace for ‘House’ but I would assume we will be seeing Thirteen and possibly Taub again – Taub in particular had the worst exit from a show I’ve ever seen so he has to come back in not for any other reason other than for a proper send-off.

Chase slowly going off the rails has potential too as I don’t have much time for Cameron and he being all lovey-dovey and happy – his reaction to his actions in the Dibala case is about the best thing on the show right now and I’m intrigued to see how this develops.

- Larry accusing Christian Slater of bogarting the caviar at Ted Danson’s party on ‘Curb’. Slater was a somewhat strange guest star for ‘Curb’ but was very funny in his brief role.

Elsewhere we had Larry inadvertently upsetting his Doctor played by the brilliant Philip Baker Hall, some great Ted Danson-Larry interactions and, even if there was no Leon or continuation of the ‘Seinfeld’ arc, enough laughs to continue to make this one of the best seasons yet.

- Zenyatta winning the Breeder’s Cup Classic. After a bad day – make that bad weekend if you include Phil Ivey coming in a disappointing 7th in the WSOP after unluckily getting punked by AQ, it was a joy late Saturday night to watch my pick for the big race at the Breeder’s Cup meeting annihilate her male rivals.

Unbeaten in thirteen races before Saturday, Zenyatta was making the leap from racing against her fellow fillies to tangling with the men and she took to the challenge like a pig to shit.

Hanging dead last for most of the way, when they turned for home she showed a turn of foot that had to be seen to be believed and recorded a memorable victory to cap off an historic flat season. Bring on the jumps!

- Malcolm punching Glenn on ‘The Thick of It’. In what was quite unexpected but brilliantly funny Malcolm nailed Glenn on this week’s episode for daring to stand up to him.

The show seems to be more and more about Tucker now and that can only be a good thing as most of the other characters aren’t even in his league in terms of generating laughs – even Olly and Glenn seem somewhat neutered this time around.

So long as we have The Enforcer though everything is sweet (although a Jamie appearance wouldn’t go a miss) and Malcolm’s views on bloggers and people who read blogs was scintillatingly scathing and I loved every minute of it (even if I am currently trying to pass my self off as a blogger)

- The sing-alongs between the marines on ‘Generation Kill’ are continuing to be a highlight of each episode – be it ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ or ‘Tainted Love’ how the participation builds is touching and telling, and the singing itself is damn funny. GK has been a joy to watch – funny, tragic, satirical and informative it manages to seamlessly strike the right balance every time and deserves to be more widely acknowledged than it has been thus far.

One Other non-TV Musing this Week:

- The reaction to Gordon Brown spelling the name wrong of the soldier he was writing to the family of to offer condolences has been, as per usual with our media, blown out of all proportion.

Now don’t get me wrong, I remain as anti-Brown and anti-Labour as always, but give the guy a break – he’s blind in one eye, has to run the country and has himself lost a child. I say hats off to the guy for writing personally to the families of the troops, but even when he does something good like that it’s not enough – so he can’t spell very well and his 'n' may look like an 'm' but it’s not like he called her Mrs. Cunt.

I can’t help but feel that Gordon Brown could start shitting jobs and people would still be like “this job he created smells a bit nutty” – yes he’s incompetent, out of touch and basically treading water until he has to call an election but let’s keep things in proportion – there’s enough to criticise already without bringing his handwriting under the microscope.


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