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Five Reasons to Get Excited About TV Again…

I just couldn’t stay away!

I know I said last week that TV or not TV would be taking a break until the beginning of October but there is so much going on Stateside as we head into the gold-mine that is the Fall season that I just had to return to the blog once more before my hiatus.

In a little under two weeks I head to America myself and actually may be lucky enough to catch some of the shows that I’m about to big up and if I do, needless to say, I’ll be waxing lyrical on here.

After the recent lull in decent shows on the box the Fall season in the US is about to kick off and rescue us all from the boredom of dull TV, so to celebrate that I decided to give you five reasons why you should start to get excited about TV again:

5. Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7

The often imitated, never emulated ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ returns for a seventh season in a few short weeks and I for one cannot wait.

When we last left Larry he had split from Cheryl and seemingly found happiness with Loretta Black (played by Vivica A. Fox).

If I was a betting man which we all know I am, I’d wager that this new found happiness won’t be lasting long for Mr. David, but as long as the genius that is Leon Black (JB Smoove) returns for season 7 then that’s all that matters; Leon was a revelation last year and gave us quotable line after quotable line.

It seems that ‘Curb’ has been off our screens far too long and Larry’s return –to actually give us something funny on TV again – cannot come soon enough.

4. Community

Has been compared to the late, great ‘Arrested Development’ in many quarters, and revolves around a lawyer who has to go back to law school after his degree is deemed invalid.

Joel McHale (host of ‘The Soup’) takes the lead and the show will follow his exploits at community college (hence the title). McHale’s Jeff will encounter a selection of weird and wonderful characters throughout the show, including ‘The Daily Show’s John Oliver, comedy flavour of the month Ken Jeong (the naked guy from ‘The Hangover’) and Chevy Chase (Chase in actually funny shocker!?).

I have high hopes for this one, we’ve been lacking a good ‘traditional sitcom’ for a while now and hopefully ‘Community’ could fill that void.

3. Sons of Anarchy Season 2

Anyone who’s read this blog before will know exactly how I feel about this brilliant, brilliant show that debuted last fall season, well ‘Sons of Anarchy’ kicked off its sophomore year last week and promises to be darker and grittier than ever.

The season begins with SAMCRO’s matriarch Gemma being gang-raped by a gang of White Supremacists – the Sons’ new enemies, so anyone who’s seen the show can imagine how that’s going to go down once Clay finds out.

Away from that drama, there are still plenty of unanswered questions from last season, most notably the botched hit that claimed the life of Opie’s wife Donna and the ramifications that will have for the club. Ryan Hurst was awesome last season as Opie and has been promoted to series regular this time around so we should get hopefully get some meaty storylines involving him.

Elsewhere, the undisputed star of the show, Charlie Hunnam as Jax, has his head firmly screwed on now and looks all set to challenge Clay for control of SAMCRO – the fuse has well and truly been lit for an explosive second year for the best new show to hit our screens in years.

2. Bored to Death

Two words have made me practically ejaculate over this show: Zach Galifinakis.

Yes, the most criminally unrecognised funnyman on Earth makes his return to TV in this Jason Schwartzman-starring comedy that also features Ted Danson.

Basic premise seems to be that Schwartzman’s Jonathon Ames (the show’s actual creator) an alcoholic, pot-smoking, thirty-something, man-child novelist who after getting dumped by his girlfriend takes out an ad on Craigslist as a Private Detective – well we all grieve in different ways.

Knowing nothing about being a Private Dick, Ames’ only source of experience is his stash of noir crime novels but he decides to take on the cases as they come in anyway.

A host of great guest stars are lined up to appear in the first season of this latest HBO Original, the very underrated Patton Oswalt, the funniest woman alive Kristen Wiig and Oliver Platt to name but three.

And if all that doesn’t make you want to watch, it’s got Zach Galifinakis and Ted fucking Danson in it!

1. FlashForward

Possibly the most hyped new show since ‘Lost’ began five years ago, ‘FlashForward’ has already been secured by Channel 5 in the UK before an episode has even aired in the States; and in an unprecedented move of intelligence, Five are actually going to broadcast the show days after it airs across the pond.

The show sounds very ‘Lost’-like and even shares a couple of actors, but when you consider it’s on the same network and ABC are no doubt hunting for a replacement for their Golden Goose then you can understand where the similarities may lie.

Basically, for some unknown reason, all of mankind experiences a premonition of their life six months down the line for a total of 2 minutes and 17 seconds. When the event is over, many people are dead in car accidents and plane crashes etc. those who survived are left wondering what it all means and whether they can change the future that they saw, as most of them see a future that they don’t necessarily want (well it wouldn’t be much of a show if they saw a happy one would it?)

The show boasts a nice cast already and with more actors scheduled to join as we go along (including ‘Lost’s Dominic Monaghan) it promises to be one hell of a show. The principal cast includes Joseph Fiennes as the lead if you will, ‘American Pie’s John Cho (MILF!), Gabrielle Union and the much underrated Brit actor Jack Davenport. Bizarrely, it is also reported that ‘Family Guy’ mastermind Seth MacFarlane has been cast in a recurring role.

From the pen of ‘The Dark Knight’ scribe David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga (formerly of ‘24’) based on the Robert J. Sawyer novel of the same name ‘FlashForward’ promises to become the most addictive new show we’ve seen in a long, long time.

TV Moment of the Week:

Has been the blood-filled finale of ‘The Wire’. As the reduced fifth season has drawn to a close, a number of characters have met their maker, most shockingly Omar.

The past few months, experiencing this brilliant show from start to finish have been a real treat and it’s a shame that the BBC’s run of the show is now coming to an end.

The box sets are still out there though so anyone who has not yet immersed themselves in ‘The Wire’ still can, and really should – do you really want to say that you missed out on the greatest TV show of the past decade?


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