Saturday, 24 January 2009


TV’s heavy hitters are returning to our screens quicker than Kelly Brook can lose a job. First the octane-fuelled ‘24’ returned to light up Monday nights, and now the enigma wrapped inside a riddle punctuated by a giant question mark that is ‘Lost’ returns to Sky1 to make Sundays bearable.

When we last visited The Island, beady-eyed master-manipulator Ben had turned some giant rotting cog in an ice cave somewhere below ground and caused the whole island to disappear. Oh, and Locke was in a coffin… Lost? Me to…

Every season of ‘Lost’ seems to answer the plethora of questions it leaves it’s audience asking with more questions. But now that producers have announced the show’s end, critics and fans seem to be a lot more comfortable with the show’s direction.

After that killer first season, ratings took a nose dive, much like Flight 815 itself, and accusations were levelled at JJ Abrams et al that they were making it up as they went along. The addition of uninspiring new characters such as the tail section survivors didn’t help matters, but since the announcement of it’s impending climax, ‘Lost’ doesn’t seem so lost anymore.

Sharper writing and renewed focus made the fourth season, in spite of the writer’s strike that crippled so many shows last year, feel like it was finally working towards answering the myriad questions that Lost poses.

Seasons five and six have a lot to live up to, now the end is in sight people’s expectations for how it all ends have skyrocketed and I just hope that Abrams and messrs Cuse and Lindelof can do this brilliant show they have created and nursed into it’s formative years justice and end on a high note.

So here’s hoping for more Sawyer and less Jack, more Desmond and less Kate and hopefully some fucking answers!

Lost Season 5 airs Sundays on Sky1 at 9pm

A TV event that was about as welcome as a rabid Rottweiler in a children’s hospital was the return of ‘Skins’ this week on E4. Now, maybe I’m getting old but I just don’t get it. I just think it’s a giant pile of steaming horseshit, yet all I ever hear in the media is how great this show is. Is it me?

I’m starting to think that maybe it is; I sat and watched the final of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ last night and remained convinced that the British public wouldn’t do the unthinkable and keep Ulrika Jonsson in there until the final two, yet not only did they do that, they voted her the fucking winner. Were we watching the same show!?

It has to be me. It can’t be me that’s right and the majority of the nation that’s wrong… Can it?

Speaking of having an opposing view to the rest of the nation; Jonathan Ross returned to our screens last night, and how Friday night’s have missed him.

But forget all the controversy, what struck me most about last night’s show was Tom Cruise. Sure he is a staunch follower of a near cult-like religion but look beyond that, and he’s a lovely, lovely man.

I’ve never seen him give a bad interview, apart from the couch jumping incident of course. Every time I see him, he comes across humble, down to earth, able to laugh at himself and just a general all round nice guy. Now contrast that with the surly self-righteousness of Sean Penn and I say give me The Cruiser any day.

Watching Burnley’s Carling Cup heroics in mid-week, I was surprised by two things. First of all; how they managed to keep Tottenham out for so long with freshly sworn-in President Barack Obama playing centre back.

And second; why people didn’t make a bigger deal when ‘Transformers’ star Shia LaBeouf came off the bench and scored Burnley’s third goal.


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